Decorating a Temporary Home

When you move into a house, it becomes your private space and more often than not, your safe haven. However, if the house is a rental or you intend to live there temporarily, there are a number of restrictions on the extent of the renovations that you can carry out. Sometimes, it is forbidden to carry out any form of renovation on the building. If you go against the management's directive, you may be faced with a legal suit, loss of the deposit you gave as security and sometimes, you may be kicked out of the house. To avoid all these, there are other ways to give your new house a new look without necessarily renovating the walls and fixtures.

Replace the small fixtures

If you do not like small fixtures such as the taps and shower heads used in the house, you can always replace them but ensure to store the initial fixtures properly so that you can fix them back when you are ready to leave. For taps, you can consider abode taps. The wide variety of kitchen and bathroom taps gives you the freedom to choose a tap that not only integrates with your bathroom or kitchen theme but that also offers high functionality and aesthetic value. From traditional taps to modern and contemporary taps, you have a great variety to choose from.

Extra information about abode taps

Use of wall papers and paintings

A wall paper that suits your tastes and preferences is a great way to add color and life to your home. The wall paper can be fixed in such a way that it is easier to remove. For example, you may use of scotch tape to fix it to the wall. The tape ensures that the paint is preserved and that the wall paper can be removed and used in another apartment later on. The wall papers can be matched to the rugs in the house, the sofa set or any other piece or used to complement the items in the house. A painting or outstanding pictures can change the appearance of a room completely. The piece should be carefully chosen so that the size is proportionate to the wall size. When the pieces are too big, the space looks cramped and when they are too small, they fail to accomplish their intended purpose. You can also create photo collages with different photos or paintings to bring out your creative side.

Signature furniture

Furniture can change the general appearance of a room. A corner shelf can add class to a room but at the same time utilize essential space especially in smaller rooms. A shelf properly placed against an ugly wall can hide the flaws and give you room to personalize your living space without dire consequences. A great sofa or couch can direct attention to the centre of the room, avoiding eye sores elsewhere. The choice of furniture is subjective but it needs to be proportional to the size of the room. Avoid too many pieces as this may clutter the room turning it to an eye sore.


Curtains and shower blinds can be used to provide aesthetic value to a room. You may use them to separate the sleeping are and the rest of the living are in studio apartments. However, it must be well thought out so that it doesn't look out of place or add on to the awkwardness in the room. This is also good way to add color and life to the rooms. Bold colors, bold prints and patterns can be used to bring out your personality too.

Temporary flooring solutions

In this modern age, it is possible to get temporary tiles as well as other flooring options. These floors are fixed on top of the existing floors without damaging the original floor. When moving, you are free to remove the floor and fix it in your next apartment. You may also get portable bath tubs and flower or plant pots to personalize your home. While this may not be your building, you can certainly personalise it to be our safe haven. If you are not sure where to start, always turn to a professional for advice. You had rather spend a little bit more but get it right